Instant Visibility, Context, Risk Control and Remediation

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The Solvo Process

Get a 360 view of all your cloud assets, their dependencies, security policies, and even drifts from best practices
Continuously monitor cloud resources and applications for changes, and receive automatic policy recommendations as needed.
Continuously analyze application behavior, cloud resources, and data for real-time understanding of security posture and risk identification.
Automated prioritization of potential vulnerabilities based on cloud infrastructure analysis, app usage, and data sensitivity.
Receive tailored recommendations for implementing least privilege access policies based on cloud security posture and business needs
Verify cloud access and entitlements to ensure compliance with company policies and regulations, with instant violation notifications.

Efficiency is the key

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Provides a full visualization of your IAM permission model. Generates a table in which overly-privileged permissions are highlighted. Creates a new, least-privileged security policy based on the findings.

Always compliant, always audit-ready

Policy management, Not Patching.

Stored in the cloud, protected by solvo.

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Integrate Your Cloud-Native Flow

Work across all popular cloud-native platforms so you can work in
your natural environment.

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