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We are the only application-aware cloud infrastructure security platform. In jargon-free English, we’re security pros’ superpower that doesn’t make your developers angry.

Check your security posture with one click. See all risks prioritized by severity so it’s clear what
You can’t secure what you can’t see. View all of your cloud assets on one screen. No matter if they’re instrustructure-critical directories or awkward selfies someone uploaded ages ago.
Create security presets for HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, CCPA, and more, that will notify you about violations. Better to learn this way
Can we please stop talking about addressing security in production? Solvo supports your entire CI/CD workflow so your cloud is

Stop putting off fires and trying to keep up with every developer. We constantly monitor your
Remediate risks and misconfigurations by generating least-privileged security policies faster than your dev team releases a hotfix to the version they launched an hour ago.

Efficiency is the key

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Provides a full visualization of your IAM permission model. Generates a table in which overly-privileged permissions are highlighted. Creates a new, least-privileged security policy based on the findings.

Always compliant, always audit-ready

Policy management, Not Patching.

Stored in the cloud, protected by solvo.

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Integrate Your Cloud-Native Flow

Work across all popular cloud-native platforms so you can work in
your natural environment.

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