Discovery and Detection

Never miss a threat

Continuously monitor and maintain your cloud resources to meet your configuration standards.

Spot Trouble Before It Spots You

Master your cloud asset management, accelerate your path to production, and proactively tackle vulnerabilities. Stay one step ahead of potential issues, guarding your cloud with confidence.

Gain Control of Your Inventory

See every cloud resource, its entitlements and eliminate the risks they impose on themselves and others. 

Accelerate to Production

Automate security remediation with code fixes through the CI/CD pipeline.

Prioritized Risks

Reduce alert fatigue and focus security teams on the most critical risks.

Supercharge Cloud Protection

Elevate your cloud security with advanced safeguards. Harness the power of holistic threat identification, real-time application insights, and uninterrupted infrastructure vigilance to fortify your cloud defenses.

Multi-contextual Detection

Enhance threat detection through the integration of diverse data sources for comprehensive security insights.

Application-aware Visibility

Runtime awareness for precise monitoring and control of cloud applications.

Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring

Ongoing assessment of infrastructure health and performance, ensuring uninterrupted operations and rapid issue resolution.

Comprehensive Environment View

Network, IAM, and application behaviour 

Cross-organization control

3rd party and external entitlement access 

Adaptable Security Guardrails

Fusion of pre-defined and personalized rules

Backed by natural language and OPA capabilities

Continuous monitoring and alert mechanisms

Cross-team Healthy Communication

Integration with all CI/CD products

Security as part of current workflows

Easy and quick triage 

Illuminate Cloud Risks, Empower Security.

Discover and address cloud risks effectively and empower your security team with the autonomy they need.

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