Multidimensional Cloud Security

A unified platform that leverages real-time monitoring and contextual analysis across cloud infrastructure, applications, data, and users.

Break Down Application, Identity, and Data Silos

Gain a comprehensive, real-time insight into all aspects of the cloud environment with a single security framework to accurately identify and mitigate various types of threats.

Immediate Detection of Threats

Respond promptly to emerging threats across the cloud infrastructure before they escalate.

Improved Resource Allocation

Reduce the burden on security teams by prioritizing risks and automating policy enforcement.

Informed Decision-Making

Deeper understanding of the security posture that empowers decision-makers to make improved strategic choices.

Application and User Behavior Analysis

Continuously monitor the behavior of applications and users, and automatically create and update contextual least privilege policies.

Identify suspicious patterns and behaviors within cloud applications, which may indicate an application-level attack in progress.

Analyze incoming requests, filter out malicious code, and apply patches to known vulnerabilities.

Data-Aware Security Posture

Understand which users, services and applications can access cloud resources hosting sensitive data.

Analyze data risks based on resource vulnerabilities, IAM permissions, connected assets, network access, blast radius, and business impact.

Reduce the risk of data breach by enabling security teams to focus on issues that will have the most impact on the overall security posture.

Comprehensive Protection

Continuously assess cloud infrastructure health and performance to ensure uninterrupted operations and rapid issue resolution.

Automatically identify compliance risks stemming from cloud misconfigurations, their root cause and countermeasures.

Decision-making framework that distinguishes between legitimate and excessive permissions based on the risk to critical data or resources.

Empower your security team with the autonomy they need.

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