Security and compliance issues?

Stoke solves both with one easy solution from Solvo.

Stoke is an online service that enables the quick scaling-up of staff by streamlining the hiring, onboarding and management processes. Their comprehensive support of company growth includes the payroll and legal aspects of workforce expansion and all the little formalities that complex organizations require.

Stoke’s activities in workforce management involves massive amounts of digital engagements of every kind. Budgets, projects, contracts for thousands of freelancers and companies mean that access to their system is spread over many users, each with different levels of permissions, located in small companies and large enterprises around the world.

With a platform that needs to be accessed by so many parties, Stoke was aware of the need to run additional security checkups to ensure data protection and keep access privileges to a minimum at all times. But security wasn’t the only thing on their mind.

Stoke improving compliance with Solvo

Another business challenge

Compliance issues were also on Stoke’s radar. Quite possibly everyone’s least favorite aspect of advanced business operations, compliance with applicable regulatory standards is nonetheless central to the healthy functioning of any successful enterprise.

Compliance issues can arise for a number of reasons. Auditors, partners, clients or entry into highly regulated fields—all these and more can trigger reviews that will demand detailed documentation and precise accounting. Certification can be a golden ticket to the path forward but getting it can also be a major business challenge. ​

Supplementing the foundation
provided by AWS

Stoke had already established their platform using AWS infrastructure to secure their availability and resilience at all times. However, like many users of cloud infrastructure, Stoke’s goal was to fill the gaps created by the “shared responsibility” model common among providers.

With Solvo, Stoke could gain valuable insights into any activities that deviate from best practices and take steps to fix any threats to security or compliance measures. Now, using solutions from Solvo, Stoke can:
Solvo delivers this and more through deployment in the pre-production and production environments. This enables it, from an early stage, to identify policies and procedures that contain excessive permissions, most of which are no longer necessary. New policies can be created and existing policies updated to reflect changes in the code or behavior of your application. Access paths can be clearly seen in real time along with all active permissions. Removing excessive permissions is done automatically, keeping database and code hygiene as high as possible.

Solvo is always on the lookout for these issues and corrects them in real time, providing constant protection. Deploying Solvo means streamlining identity, security and access management issues. This, in turn, creates documentation that provides a roadmap for anyone investigating compliance issues. It’s the perfect synergy between two crucial aspects of any cloud-based service.

With Solvo, compliance isn’t a separate task on top of your regular activities, it’s built in to the way you secure your cloud-based data processing.
Now, when it’s time for a conversation with a consultant or a customer’s compliance team regarding security standards and procedures, Stoke is ready with all the answers. Using solutions from Solvo, they can prove regulatory compliance, show that they are following cloud infrastructure good practices and ensure data security at all times.

Stoke is now free to focus on what they do best. Working with Solvo means that Stoke can concentrate on further growth while remaining confident that their security and compliance issues are in good hands.

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