Adaptive Access Risk Mitigation

Monitor, identify, prioritize and automatically remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations based on contextual, dynamic risk factors.

Remediate Critical Cloud Infrastructure Access Risks

Leverage real-time application and user behavior analysis, and sensitive data discovery to continuous assess risk, and automate the creation and enforcement of least-privileged cloud infrastructure access policies and entitlements.

Deep Visibility Into Identities and Entitlements

Continuously map human and machine identities and their permissions.

Contextual Risk Prioritization

Identify and prioritize cloud access risks based on context.

Automated Least Privilege Policies

Create customized, automatically updated least privileged access policies.

End-to-End Visibility

Discover all identities, applications, services, cloud resources, and the data associated with them.

Visually identify unused or redundant access granted to human and machine identities.

Continuous discovery of sensitive data on cloud resources.

Policy Management

Implement adaptive least privilege policies to ensure that identities are granted only the minimal access required.

Monitor application and data changes, and automatically create new policies when new code or resources are added.

Out-of-the-box, easily customized policies for compliance with data protection regulations and standards.

Automated Risk Remediation

Proactively remediate the most critical risks to your cloud infrastructure without manual intervention.

Automatically apply active remediation measures, and focus on what matters most.

Remediation guidance based on industry best practices and regulatory requirements, including actionable steps.

Empower your security team with the autonomy they need.

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