Make your cloud compliant, automatically

With IAMagnifier, understanding IAM is as easy as asking questions and getting answers on an interactive map.

Stop waiting for the auditor to spot security holes for you

The people who told you to comply with some standards have no idea about security posture management. You do but you have a hard time understanding the acronyms, let alone what they entail. And then, there’s the auditor, who doesn’t care about your *slight* misalignment.

Compliance is boring and stressful but it’s substantial for your infrastructure security and your company’s presence on the market. With Solvo, you don’t have to freak out about the upcoming audit because you know you’re compliant 24/7.

Set compliance rules

At Solvo, “checking the box”, means “checking the box”. Set compliance benchmarks for predefined rules.

Be always audit-ready

Solvo constantly monitors your infrastructure and sends you alerts when a violation is detected.

Get alerts wherever you'd like

Integrate Solvo with your standard workflows and favorite tools.

Helping security pros own security

Developers technically can tackle IAM but they don't have time. Security engineers do care but they can't keep track of every developer in the team and the code he or she wrote.

IAMagnifier makes permissions visual and transparent, giving security and DevOps pros the independence they deserve.

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