Stay Ahead of Compliance Challenges

Ensure continuous compliance with industry-standard regulations and benchmarks like SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and establish your unique security guardrails.

Proactive Compliance Assurance

Take charge of compliance with continuously updated posture scores for industry standards and tailored frameworks. Easily assess compliance, deliver reports confidently to leadership, and maintain team focus on core responsibilities.

Real-time Monitoring and Remediation

Continuously oversee cloud resources, promptly identifying and resolving compliance deviations.

Prioritized Compliance Focus

Streamline your compliance efforts by zeroing in on high-priority violations.

Control and Report

Actionable reports for smart decision making and confident reporting to management.

Elevate Your Compliance Game

Enhance your compliance strategy with advanced monitoring and instant auto-remediation. Gain comprehensive insights and maintain continuous vigilance for steadfast compliance.


Automatically rectify compliance issues for uninterrupted cloud security, using IaC or CLI commands.

Supervise and Audit

Effortlessly oversee and monitor compliance, ensuring stakeholder alignment through on-demand and periodic reporting.


Tailor compliance settings to meet your specific needs with ease, using natural language or OPA rules.

Contextual Compliance Remediation

Application, infrastructure and configuration view

Ready to run code remediation

Quick remediation turnaround time

Management Reporting

On-demand and scheduled reporting 

Customized level of detail as needed

Year-round availability of audit reports

Adaptable Compliance Guardrails

Fusion of pre-defined and personalized rules

Backed by natural language and OPA capabilities

Continuous monitoring and alert mechanisms

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