Kumba gains visibility into its AWS environment and mitigates cloud risks

In the realm of cloud-native operations, Kumba, a pioneering presence in mobile petcare scheduling, recognized the importance of having a clear view within their AWS environment. Their goal was to proactively identify and prioritize potential incidents ahead of time, optimizing their resource usage. To achieve this, Kumba embarked on a quest for a security collaborator who could unify their security efforts, seamlessly integrating protective measures across all operational fronts.

Proactively Fortifying Security Measures

Kumba's motivation stemmed from their desire to better understand misconfigurations within their cloud infrastructure. They realized the importance of not only addressing isolated cloud configuration issues but also tackling the root causes behind these problems. However, this approach demanded considerable time and resources for remediation. Recognizing that identifying security vulnerabilities and potential threats demands significant effort, Kumba sought a solution that would allow them to focus on strategic priorities without being diverted by these challenges.

In a collaborative partnership with Solvo, Kumba proactively confronted its cloud security challenges and objectives. This collaboration provided Kumba with a comprehensive overview of their AWS environment, allowing them to identify misconfigurations and gain crucial insights into potential vulnerabilities and risks. With a focus on prioritized alerts and thorough deep scanning, Solvo enabled Kumba’s team to concentrate on their core priorities.

The seamless integration of Solvo’s solution resulted in immediate issue identification and correlation across Kumba’s AWS infrastructure, leading to significant time and resource savings. Through the automation of the discovery, prioritization, and resolution of cloud infrastructure configuration and access risks, Solvo ensured continuous threat management, optimization of least privilege, and compliance monitoring, creating a secure and dynamic cloud environment. By providing extensive capabilities, Solvo empowers Kumba and organizations alike to proactively manage the complexities and threats inherent in cloud infrastructure.

Solvo’s implementation brought immediate benefits to Kumba​

“Operating within the cloud is intricate, requiring robust technical expertise in both operational and security domains. Striking a balance between these facets presents a formidable challenge. We needed to prioritize security while maintaining seamless daily operations, a task easier said than done. Introducing Solvo into our environment proved to be an incredibly smooth transition. Rather than being overwhelmed by administrative tasks, Solvo empowered our team to concentrate on strategic objectives. The true strength of Solvo lies in its seamless synchronization of security and operational requirements.”

Eyal Zukovsky, CEO & Co-founder at Kumba

Solvo provides continuous, active protection that remains vigilant to changes and updates, ensuring your data’s security is upheld consistently while restricting access to the essential minimum. If you’re prepared to enhance your security posture and streamline compliance demonstrations, reach out to Solvo for a free demo to see first-hand what it can do for you and your organization. 

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