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Team Solvo

Cloud Computing Audits: The Four Pitfalls That You Should Avoid

By 2030, the cloud computing market is reaching $1,554.94 billion. As the industry grows, the risk for identity fraud and theft also rises within an environment where the data is shared with multiple users. Thus it has become crucial to undergo a cloud audit. Cloud computing audits are becoming increasingly

Cloud Compliance 101
Team Solvo

Cloud Compliance 101: Why It’s Important and Best Practices to Achieve It

As companies and organizations engage in digital and remote working practices, cloud compliance becomes more critical than before. Cloud compliance is a term given to the need of an organization and cloud computing providers to check if they comply with the laws and regulations that apply to use of the

Team Solvo

Detecting and removing risky actions out of your IAM security policies

As IAM is taking its place as the main security mechanism in the cloud, we hear about more security issues related to it. Ofen, they are related to a wrong use of this mechanism. Using generic permissions, too broad permissions or overly-trusting the cloud provider can leave our infrastructure and

Team Solvo

Lessons Learned from Ubiquiti’s Latest Hack

Lessons Learned from Ubiquiti’s Latest Hack On January 21, Ubiquiti Networks, an American technology vendor of cloud Internet of Things (IoT), disclosed that it had suffered a data breach. Ubiqiti sent out emails to its customers asking them to change their passwords and enable 2FA for their accounts. At the

Team Solvo

With Solvo and KICS (by Checkmarx) you will never have to worry about leaky S3 Buckets

With the rise of cloud-native technologies more responsibility falls in the hands of developers. Beside the application source code developers are now writing containers code, orchestrators code and also defining their infrastructure and cloud resources using infrastructure-as-code (IaC). Using the correct IaC configuration is a real challenge and leaving your

Team Solvo

Crossing IAM worries off your (S3) bucket list

Crossing IAM worries off your (S3) bucket list Winter is coming, so let’s talk about clouds with leaking buckets. As you may know, AWS is the market share leader in the public cloud services space, with 31% of the revenue pie (or 33% of a smaller revenue pie), and as

Team Solvo

Twitch Hack: A High Time for Organizations to Maintain Cloud Security

It’s more than a week since the gaming and content streaming giant Twitch confirmed a data breach. Twitch, a popular streaming service used by gamers, again made the headlines as it was attacked, resulting in 125 GB of data leaks onto the 4Chan forum. The leaked data comprises sensitive user

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Securing S3 Bucket Configuration and Access with Snyk & Solvo

The scan has turned up a misconfiguration in the policy that uses an “*” that is way too permissive since it allows for everything.  Snyk IaC provides information about the potential risk from this configuration and general advice for how to fix the problem, and Solvo takes this further by

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