Contextual Remediation

Automated Remediation Tailored to Your Environment

Consistently staying one step ahead of potential threats and vulnerabilities, Solvo's platform automates and tailors your defense strategies for network security, IAM, infrastructure configuration, and protection against data exposure and vulnerabilities.

Proactive Remediation Solutions

Take control of your security posture with our proactive remediation solutions. Continuously updated threat intelligence and tailored remediation strategies. Assess and address security vulnerabilities confidently, keeping your team focused on their core responsibilities.

Advanced Remediation

Enhance your security strategy with advanced monitoring and instant auto-remediation.

Productivity and Efficiency

Achieve rapid results with our readily deployable remediation solutions.

Comprehensive Understanding

Solvo offers a comprehensive view of risks and remediations across your applications, infrastructure, and configurations.

Swift Action, Minimal Downtime

Automated, run-time remediation ensures the prompt detection and resolution of security and compliance issues without disrupting your operations.

Seamless Defense

Solvo leverages Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and CLI commands for swift and efficient remediation.

Ready-to-Deploy Remediation

Achieve rapid results with our ready-to-deploy right-sized remediations.

Security and Compliance

Enhance operational efficiency by addressing both security and compliance at the speed of DevOps.

Prioritization and control

Integrated risk and compliance visibility

Effortless assignment and reporting

Real-time tracking of status and progress

Boosted Productivity

Timely remediation to prevent incidents

Pre-configured code for immediate use

Concentrate on high-impact actions

Seamless processes

Native integrations with security, ticketing and CI/CD tools 

Collaboration between Security, GRC, and Dev Teams

Plug and play remediation

Illuminate Cloud Risks, Empower Security.

Discover and address cloud risks effectively and empower your security team with the autonomy they need.

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