Machine Identities

Fortify Your Digital Defenders

Ensure the robust protection of your digital assets by safeguarding the identities and access permissions of cloud entitlements within your infrastructure. 

Enabling Control of Machine Identities

Take full control and seamlessly manage machine identities that control access to cloud resources, data and 3rd parties. Automatically generate JIT identity permissions, tailored to the least-privileged principle while meeting your application's specific requirements.

Gain Control

Effortlessly oversee and monitor thousands of machine identities, ensuring compliance with security policies and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Security at The Speed of DevOps

Empowers your development, security and operations teams to work at peak efficiency while ensuring that security is an integral part of your development process.

Team Collaboration

Break down silos, streamline communication, and enhance cross-team collaboration to strengthen your organization's security posture automatically.

The Future of Machine Identity Security

Redefine how you protect your cloud environment by adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.

Risk Mitigation and Threat Prevention

Minimize the chances of security incidents and data breaches by creating a precise IAM model for all identity types within your cloud environment.

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings

Automate manual tasks associated with permission lifecycle management and respond swiftly to urgent requests.

Precision Control Automation

Precision and productivity turn security engineers into business enablers while ensuring the highest levels of system integrity.

Prioritization and control

Integrated risk and compliance visibility

Effortless assignment and reporting

Real-time status and progress tracking

Boosted Productivity

Prompt incident prevention through timely remediation

Ready-to-use pre-configured code

Focus on impactful actions

Adaptable Security Guardrails

Fusion of pre-defined and personalized rules

Backed by natural language and OPA capabilities

Continuous monitoring and alert mechanisms

Illuminate Cloud Risks, Empower Security.

Discover and address cloud risks effectively and empower your security team with the autonomy they need.

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