Eliminate Misconfiguration Risks

Continuously monitor and analyze your cloud resources to ensure that they are secure and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Prioritize Risks Based on Context

Eliminate security blind spots and endless compliance checklists with a contextual CSPM solution that goes beyond basic visibility, prioritizing threats based on real context and business impact.

Proactively Detect Every Potential Threat

Identify static and dynamic misconfigurations, and compliance drifts.

Accurate Risk Analysis

Analyze application behavior and identify assets with sensitive data for better context.

Prioritized Risk Mitigation

Reduce alert fatigue and focus security teams on the most critical risks.

Comprehensive Risk Visibility

Visualize cloud asset inventory, network and IAM configurations to detect potential risks.

Proactively identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across clouds. 

Continuously correlate misconfigurations with other risk factors to understand the potential impact.

Flexible Policy Engine

Create and enforce customizable policies and rules specific to your security requirements.

Use OPA to easily implement policy as code guardrails across the cloud infrastructure.

Set compliance benchmarks for predefined frameworks such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCPA and more.

Automated Misconfiguration Fixing

Automated scanning and auditing to continuously assess your cloud infrastructure configurations.

Continuously monitor resources to track changes and configurations across cloud platforms.

Automated and guided remediation processes to quickly address security gaps, and reduce the window of opportunity for cyberattacks.

Empower your security team with the autonomy they need.

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