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  • CCPA Readiness Webinar

    Changes are coming and we want to help you get compliant and, most importantly, stay compliant! As you know, beginning January 1st, businesses that meet CCPA thresholds must be prepared for extensive CCPA requirements, particularly regarding sensitive data. Due to these changes, you should have a good understanding of the type of data you store,

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  • Checkmarx One and Solvo

    Misconfigurations of cloud security, Insecure Interfaces and Lack of Visibility are just few of the risks of lack of security in Cloud infrastructure. Checkmarx One, IaC engine (KICS) together with Solvo are here to help. By leveraging both KICS and Solvo together developers can easily understand the misconfigurations they currently have around least-privileged security policies by

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  • New Year’s S3 Security Resolutions

    Kick off 2022 by doing what you’ve been putting off for too long now: fixing your S3 permissions! In this webinar, we talk about how permissions work in S3, jointly complain about why oh why AWS makes it so hard, and discuss how you can still craft the perfect security policy without pain. This is

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  • What does IAM have to do with Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Compliance?

    In this webinar Marina Segal, CEO and co-founder of Startup in Stealth Mode discuss the CSPM maturity model, how you can tell if you need to get a CSPM solution and is it really necessary in order to be compliant in the cloud?

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