Proactive Approaches to Threat Detection and Remediation with Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) Solutions

In the dynamic world of cloud computing, security is paramount for organizational success. As businesses increasingly adopt cloud technologies, protecting cloud infrastructure...

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Trailblazing in Security

Join Solvo CEO, Shira Shamban, as she engages in a fireside chat with Susanne Elizer Senoff, CISO at PROS, who will delve...

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Navigating Cyber Challenges in Financial and Crypto Ventures

Embark on a cybersecurity journey with Milan Velev, CISO of Nexo, as he shares insights into the challenges and triumphs within the...

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Decoding Cloud Challenges: Sensitive Data Control and Strategic Security Alert Prioritization

In the dynamic world of cloud technology, organizations face two critical challenges: maintaining control and visibility over sensitive data and effectively prioritizing...

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From Vulnerability to Victory: How Business Drives Security, and Security Drives Business

The relationship between business and security has become inseparable. It is no longer a question of “if” an organization will face security...

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Utilizing AI for Cloud Security Automation

As organizations increasingly adopt cloud technology for its scalability and cost-effectiveness, ensuring robust cloud security remains a top priority. The complexity of...

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Bridging the gap with Paolo del Mundo

In this webinar, we will explore the difficulties that security and R&D teams encounter when working together, and how a knowledge gap...

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Guardians of the Cloud: CloudSec vs AppSec

In today’s interconnected world, where cloud computing has become the norm for businesses, the issue of security has become more important than...

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Cloud security mistakes you don’t have to make.

Done in partnership with Security Day IL and IsraelClouds.
The path to a secure and compliant cloud environment is not always clear, but...
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Torne-se um expert em cloud security com a Solvo

Manter segurança e compliance em um ambiente de nuvem dinâmico pode ser uma tarefa desafiadora para a maioria das equipes de segurança,...

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