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Today, when using the cloud, we build and deploy faster than ever. CI/CD made our applications and infrastructure fast, stable and scalable. But the security teams are challenged to keep up. When every developer has their own cloud account, and can provision assets and services freely, we need to equip them with the best tools to do so while remaining least-privileged and without interfering in the process. We want security teams to have the control they need and the insights they want for security, governance, risk management and compliance.

Solvo enables developers and DevOps to deliver a cloud product with a least-privileged security configuration, all the way from dev to production. Automatically. And help their security engineers to sleep better at night.

Shira Shamban


Shira has over 17 years of experience in cybersecurity, cloud computing, product management and leadership. Prior to co-founding Solvo, Shira formed the technical security research team and the big data product at Dome9 Security (acq. by CheckPoint in 2018). Shira is the co-chair of OWASP Israel, and acts as a lecturer and mentor in different voluntary organizations. Shira spent 13 years serving as an officer in the Intelligence Corps.

David Hendri


David has over 15 years of experience in delivering enterprise software and leading development teams. Prior to co-founding Solvo, David was one of the first R&D employees at Dome9 Security (acq. by CheckPoint in 2018), leading the development of key features and helping users uphold compliance in the cloud. David is a graduate of “MAMRAM”, the elite military programming training, and served as an officer in the Intelligence Corps.

Advisory Board Members

Mignona Cote

Senior Vice President & Chief Security Officer (CSO) NetApp Inc.

Yvonne Wassenaar

CEO, Puppet

Sylvie Veilleux

Advisor, Board Director and former CIO

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