From Detection to Remediation in One Screen

Full context for every suspicious activity to reduce false-positives and respond faster.

The cape that turns IR teams to cloud experts with the right context at hand

Experience real-time visibility into your cloud operations. Monitor resource activity, track unusual behavior, and access events throughout your environment. Detect and analyze threats with contextual insights, enabling swift prioritization, investigation, and response to mitigate risks effectively.

Multi-contextual Detection

Enhance threat detection through the integration of diverse data sources for comprehensive security insights.

Advanced Remediation

Empower your security strategy with advanced monitoring and instant auto-remediation.

Reduce False-positive

Correlation and multi-dimensional context deliver the right alert at the right time, without noise of false-positive detection.

Contextual Incident View

Network, IAM, vulnerabilities and application behavior

All the data you need to make the right decision

Collaborate in a unified manner

Real-Time Threat Detection

Multi-dimensional threat detection

Effective risk prioritization

Gain confidence to handle the true positive

Own the Remediation Process

Customized remediation to block the attack vector

Big picture view for the root cause analysis

Remediate at all source levels: code, IAM, configuration, network

Empower your security team with the autonomy they need.

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