Proactive Remediation is Key: Why Context Alone Isn’t Enough in Cloud Security

Proactive Remediation Cloud Security

Understanding the complexity of security product categories can be overwhelming. At Solvo, we recognize that security professionals, coming from diverse backgrounds such as data, infrastructure, and GRC, prioritize efficiently addressing critical issues. With Solvo’s Posture Manager, you gain the ability to easily pinpoint vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your cloud infrastructure, data, network, IAM, and more. Each issue, whether considered individually or collectively, significantly influences your security and compliance posture. Even addressing a single issue can have a ripple effect, bolstering your organization’s overall security stance. From identifying public-facing instances to controlling access to sensitive data, Solvo’s innovative platform goes the extra mile by providing the necessary code to resolve the issue effectively.

Let’s dive into a few real-life scenarios where the Posture Manager shines:

1. Data Security – Protecting Your Digital Assets:

With data breaches on the rise, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Whether it’s the threat of ransomware or selling in the Darknet, Solvo’s got your back. Our Posture Manager meticulously examines access to all your data resources, whether it’s through proxies, temporary credentials, or even non-human entities. We uncover any over privileged permissions that could leave your data vulnerable or accessible. Plus, if you’re using data classification products like AWS Macie or others, consider yourself doubly fortunate! We cross-reference our analysis with your labeled data, presenting you with a prioritized list of potential risks. With just a simple click, you can delve into each finding, revealing access paths, granted permissions, and the precise steps needed for remediation, available in both CLI and IaC formats for streamlined automation purposes.


2. Unused credentials and bulk remediation:

“Lost credentials” serve as golden tickets for cloud security incidents, encompassing forgotten usernames, API keys, or other access tokens. These idle credentials, whether attributed to humans or non-human entities, present prime targets for exploitation. Despite your best efforts to secure everything, there’s always a chance that an unused credential slipped through the cracks simply because it remained inactive. They may lurk within the shadows of your code repository, hide within access tokens granted to third parties, or be disregarded by forgetful employees.

But fear not! Solvo is here to bring order to the chaos. Our Posture Manager meticulously organizes all your credentials and access permissions, whether they belong to humans or bots, and flags any that are lying dormant and should be revoked. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually revoking credentials one by one! With the Posture Manager, not only do you get a handy list of unused credentials, but we also provide you with the code needed to bulk fix the issue. Simply run a CLI command (or IaC if that’s more your style), and watch as your team’s productivity soars to new heights.

3. Network misconfiguration and internet exposure:

Cloud users often underestimate the potency of a network and its risk potential. When network access and high IAM privileges collide, it’s like mixing volatile ingredients. This is where the Posture Manager intervenes to provide support. It meticulously examines direct network access, including specific Security Group configurations, while also checking for any active listeners concealed in the shadows. But its scope extends beyond that – it delves into other network components like API Gateway or Web Application Firewall (WAF). Additionally, it conducts a thorough analysis of the ‘blast radius’ of your network configuration, identifying any direct or indirect connections to exposed resources. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of the risk posture of your identities and resources, highlighting potential danger zones within your network layer.

In hybrid and cloud-native setups, various teams within organizations have unique requirements from their security and compliance platforms. However, they all share a common need for clear visibility and a thorough grasp of detected issues. Solvo’s Posture Manager facilitates effective collaboration among these diverse teams, enabling them to seamlessly understand their priorities and address security concerns. Time-saving and streamlining processes lie at the heart of the Posture Manager’s mission.

If you’re curious about your cloud security posture and looking to streamline detection and remediation efforts, why not give Solvo’s free trial a whirl? Within minutes, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of your security posture and receive guidance on the necessary next steps.

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