Securing Cloud Applications: Beyond the Perimeter

Securing Cloud Applications Beyond the Perimeter


As organizations are rapidly migrating to the cloud, the security landscape has undergone a significant shift. Traditional perimeter defenses are no longer sufficient to protect against sophisticated threats targeting cloud applications. Organizations are now in need of a comprehensive approach that goes beyond the perimeter and addresses vulnerabilities at the application level.

The Changing Landscape of Cloud Security:

As organizations harness the power of cloud applications to drive innovation and efficiency, cyber threats have evolved to exploit potential vulnerabilities. Relying solely on perimeter defenses creates a vulnerability that attackers can capi
talize on. Securing cloud applications demands a multi-dimensional approach that focuses on detecting and preventing threats at the application layer itself.

Breaking Down Application Silos:

In the cloud environment, applications often operate in isolated silos, making it challenging to ensure consistent security across the board. Our platform takes a holistic approach by breaking down these silos. It unifies security efforts, enabling a centralized view of the entire application landscape, thus reducing blind spots and enhancing our ability to detect threats.

Proactive Threat Detection and Prevention:

Detecting vulnerabilities and potential attacks before they materialize is the essence of proactive security. Our platform employs advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to identify suspicious patterns and behaviors within cloud applications. By analyzing user behavior, data access patterns, and application interactions, we spot anomalies that might indicate a breach or unauthorized activity.

Mitigating Application-Level Attacks:

From SQL injection to cross-site scripting, application-level attacks are becoming increasingly common. Our platform employs specialized security measures to safeguard against these threats. It analyzes incoming requests, filters out malicious code, and applies patches to known vulnerabilities, ensuring that applications remain resilient in the face of attacks.

Real-Time Insights and Actionable Intelligence:

Our platform doesn’t stop at detection; it empowers organizations with real-time insights and actionable intelligence. By providing detailed information about threats, attack vectors, and potential impact, we enable prompt responses and informed decision-making.


In the dynamic realm of cloud security, securing applications demands a holistic approach that transcends traditional perimeter defenses. By adopting a proactive stance, breaking down silos, and employing cutting-edge technologies, our platform empowers businesses to navigate the complex landscape of cloud security with confidence. As cyber threats evolve, our commitment remains unwavering – to safeguard your cloud applications and data from the inside out.

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Why is securing cloud applications beyond the perimeter important?

Traditional perimeter defenses are no longer enough to protect against evolving cyber threats targeting cloud applications. Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities at the application level, making it crucial to have a comprehensive approach that extends security beyond the perimeter. This approach focuses on detecting and preventing threats at the application layer, where vulnerabilities are most likely to be targeted.

How does your platform address security in a multi-cloud environment with isolated application silos?

IAMagnifier for Complete Visibility:

Solvo’s IAMagnifier is a powerful visualization tool that automatically identifies all your cloud assets, including storage, compute resources, network assets, external accounts, and users. It also analyzes the IAM roles and policies that enable access to these resources. By mapping and displaying these connections based on detected risk levels, it provides users with a comprehensive view of their cloud infrastructure, highlighting areas of concern such as excessive connections or sensitive data presence.

Contextual Least Privilege Policies:

With this visibility, users can easily run queries to understand who can perform specific actions and who has access to particular resources. This information enables the creation of contextual least privilege policies. These policies are crucial for limiting access to only what is necessary, reducing the attack surface, and enhancing security.

Continuous Monitoring and Policy Updates:

After implementing least privilege policies, Solvo’s Policy Manager continuously profiles each asset within your cloud infrastructure and analyzes the behavior of applications interacting with them. This ongoing monitoring ensures that your security policies remain up-to-date and effective as your cloud environment evolves.

Data Posture Manager for Sensitive Data Protection:

Solvo’s Data Posture Manager addresses the critical concern of data visibility and control across multiple cloud platforms, data stores, and applications. It provides a clear and actionable graph that helps organizations understand how sensitive data is stored, used, and the associated risks. This prioritization of data resources based on sensitivity and risk severity empowers organizations to adjust their security configurations accordingly.

Comprehensive Visibility into Sensitive Data:

When combined with real-time cloud application and user behavior analysis, Solvo’s platform offers comprehensive and contextual visibility into sensitive data within the cloud. This visibility helps reduce the risk of data exposure and leakage by enabling organizations to proactively address data security concerns.

Can your platform detect and prevent application-level attacks in real time?

Our Policy Manager continuously profiles each asset within your cloud environment and monitors the behavior of applications interacting with them. This ongoing analysis ensures that policies remain up-to-date and effective as your cloud environment evolves. It also conducts real-time analysis of cloud application and user behavior. This enables the identification of suspicious patterns and behaviors within cloud applications, which may indicate an application-level attack in progress.

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