I need to figure out where there are risky misconfigurations in my infrastructure and not spend a lot of time looking for them.

Solvo can

The scope and scale of cloud infrastructure has exploded in recent years, making for far more moving parts in need of protecting. But with more assets in play, the work of ensuring that every single application and resource has the configurations it needs to meet your security standards becomes even more challenging. Tracking and securing these assets manually is not a viable option, especially if you planned to get anything else done this century.

Solvo automates policy enforcement, easily right sizing permissions to ensure that every asset meets best practices standards. Scanning your cloud infrastructure, we analyze your assets for misconfigurations that can leave the door open for exploitations. We provide expansive visibility over all your infrastructure while offering the fine-grained controls that you need to responsibly manage your assets.

Solvo easily integrates into AWS, Azure, and GCP to help you stay protected, no matter where you are.

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