Achieving Cloud Compliance: How Solvo Simplifies and Strengthens Your Security Posture Automatically

Achieving Cloud Compliance How Solvo Simplifies and Strengthens Your Security Posture Automatically

Compliance with information security and privacy regulations is a critical concern for organizations operating in cloud-native environments. The speed and frequency of changes in these dynamic environments pose a challenge, as misconfigured permissions and vulnerabilities can quickly go unnoticed, leading to regulatory compliance violations. In this blog, we explore how Solvo, a multi-dimensional cloud security platform, addresses this challenge by providing comprehensive compliance management capabilities. With Solvo’s Compliance Manager, organizations can set compliance benchmarks, enforce policies, and gain contextual insights to protect their cloud infrastructure against costly compliance breaches.

Setting Compliance Benchmarks with Solvo’s Compliance Manager:

Solvo’s Compliance Manager simplifies the complex task of ensuring compliance with a broad range of information security and privacy regulations. The platform allows organizations to set compliance benchmarks for predefined frameworks such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and more. With predefined frameworks, organizations can align their cloud infrastructure with specific regulatory requirements allowing organizations to stay ahead of compliance challenges and avoid penalties and reputational damage.

Compliance Dashboard

Flexible Policy Enforcement with Open Policy Agent (OPA):

Solvo takes compliance management a step further by integrating Open Policy Agent (OPA) into its platform. OPA provides a high-level declarative language called Rego, enabling organizations to create custom policies and rules that align with their specific compliance needs. By using OPA, organizations gain the flexibility to build any kind of guardrail on their cloud account configuration. Whether it’s securing microservices, Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines, or any other cloud-native environment, OPA allows organizations to enforce policies as code, ensuring compliance while adapting to their unique requirements. With the extensive code examples available in OPA’s rich ecosystem, organizations can significantly reduce development time and effort while maintaining robust policy enforcement.

One of Solvo’s customers had a specific requirement to ensure that all running instances attached to an internet-facing Load Balancer had Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection. To address this need, they leveraged the power of Open Policy Agent (OPA) within Solvo’s platform. Using OPA’s high-level declarative language called Rego, the customer created a custom policy to identify non-compliant resources.

Here is an example of the Rego policy used to obtain a list of instances without WAF attached to an internet-facing Load Balance enabling them to take appropriate actions for enforcement and remediation. This use case highlights how Solvo empowers organizations to create custom policies and rules aligned with their specific compliance needs, ensuring the enforcement of best practices while adapting to their unique requirements.

Compliance Dashboard_Rego

Automated Compliance Risk Detection and Contextual Insights:

Once compliance policies and rules are defined, Solvo’s platform automatically identifies compliance risks resulting from cloud misconfigurations. By continuously monitoring the cloud infrastructure, Solvo provides contextual insights on detected violations, including the root cause and countermeasures. This enables organizations to proactively address compliance issues, mitigating the risk of costly breaches.

Automated Code Remediation:

Solvo’s cloud security platform leverages its integration with cloud-native environments to provide automated code remediations for compliance violations and misconfigurations and is the only of its kind. When a compliance violation is detected, Solvo’s console automatically generates remediation guidance based on industry best practices and regulatory requirements. This guidance includes actionable steps and recommendations to fix the issue effectively, minimizing the manual effort required for remediation.


Solvo emphasizes the importance of storing network logs as both a best practice and a regulatory requirement. As shown below, Solvo’s platform detects instances where Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) lack Flow Logs enabled. To address this issue, Solvo generates Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates and command-line interface (CLI) commands to rectify the situation by enabling Flow Logs in the corresponding cloud accounts and VPCs. Subsequently, Solvo ensures that this specific issue and its corresponding remediation code are reported and ticketed in the customer’s preferred environment, be it Jira, ServiceNow, Slack, or any other integrated system.

Compliance Dashboard_CLI Commands

Protecting Cloud Infrastructure Against Compliance Violations:
Solvo’s comprehensive approach to compliance management empowers organizations to ensure the security and integrity of their cloud environments. By combining the capabilities of Compliance Manager, OPA, and automated risk detection, Solvo equips organizations with the tools necessary to protect their cloud infrastructure against compliance violations. With Solvo, organizations can achieve compliance and maintain regulatory requirements while leveraging the benefits of cloud technology.

A Solution for Efficient and Cost-effective Compliance:

Preparing for an audit can be an overwhelming task, requiring countless hours of meticulous attention and often relying on expensive external consultants for assistance. With Solvo, the burden of audit preparations can be significantly lightened. Solvo streamlines the entire process by automating crucial aspects, allowing you to focus on other critical business functions. The platform effortlessly exports proof, prioritizes issues that need fixing and ensures the maintenance of a compliant status across your existing infrastructure and applications. Solvo’s proactive approach extends beyond the present audit, encompassing future audits by effortlessly integrating new infrastructure and applications as they are implemented. With Solvo, achieving cloud compliance becomes simpler and more efficient, saving you valuable time, resources, and costs associated with external consultations.


Conclusion: In cloud-native environments, ensuring compliance with information security and privacy regulations is a complex challenge. Solvo’s multi-dimensional cloud security platform provides organizations with the necessary tools and capabilities to address this challenge effectively. Through features like Compliance Manager and integration with Open Policy Agent (OPA), organizations can set compliance benchmarks, enforce policies as code, and gain contextual insights into compliance risks. By leveraging Solvo’s automated compliance risk detection and remediation guidance, organizations can protect their cloud infrastructure against costly compliance breaches and maintain a secure and compliant environment.


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