I need to ensure that all of my organization’s identity access policies are configured correctly the first time so that the next round of audits and certification won’t take so long.

Solvo can

In the cloud, identity is everything. With the right identity — human or machine — you can gain access to nearly every resource in an organization’s cloud environments, so having the ability to monitor and control access is essential.

Securing these keys to the kingdom is increasingly difficult as the number of identities continues to scale up massively. Challenges include managing excessive permissions, ensuring Least Privilege, and enforcing the policies that reduce your threat surface. Handling these requirements manually is no longer a realistic option. At the same time, the access controls required for effective governance over cloud identities need to be far more fine grained than in the past.

Solvo scans all configurations automatically to ensure that policies are being followed. Our Sovlo Autopilot automatically analyzes configurations and corrects any security risks that may be present in a single click. We help remove excess privileges at scale, taking the heavy lifting out of reducing your threat surface.

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