I need to know where my cloud security misconfigurations are happening and get down to enforcing my policies without added distractions.

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Working at the speed of DevOps can make it hard to ensure that you are securing all of your assets the way they should be. Misconfigurations in your DevOps cloud infrastructure can expose your cloud workloads to risks from the earliest stages all the way through production. The challenge is how to implement strong security standards and safeguards without causing too much friction.

Balancing productivity with security is never easy, but with better visibility and automated tools, you no longer have to compromise for one over the other.

Solvo provides clear and actionable insights to help DevOps professionals identify, understand, and correct misconfigurations. Automated enforcement tools ensure that security policies are followed at every stage of the SDLC so that nothing makes it out with an insecure configuration that can expose your organization to a breach.

We also understand that not every organization is one size fits all. Solvo gives you the ability to decide where the tickets get sent, allowing you to choose whichever works best for your workflow Some issues may be better suited for the developers to make the quick fixes while others fall more in the DevOps or Security team camps.

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