I need focus on building software while still being notified when a configuration might be insecure.

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Developers’ first priority is writing high quality code. The work of managing security configurations falls somewhere lower on their list of priorities. Far too often, dealing with security is viewed as a hassle more than an essential part of the software development process. This can lead to friction between developers and security teams, leading to a lot more work and frustration for everyone involved. In hopes of resolving this tension, the more that we can do to help them implement strong security without getting in their way, the better.

Solvo’s easy one-click automation reduces the work required by developers to ensure that their code is secure. We analyze software for any security misconfigurations, automatically identifying risks and offering a fast option for making the fix. Our policy enforcement guardrails make sure that all software is configured properly at every stage of the SDLC.

We also recognize that every organization works a little bit differently. Solvo makes it easy for managers to decide which team, developers or another group, are the ones to receive the ticket to fix the security configurations. This allows you to adjust your workflow to let the right group manage security while causing minimal interruptions along the way.

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