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I need to cut my exposure to risky configurations and enforce policies across all of my assets. This may or may not be my first rodeo.

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Making the move to the cloud has changed the way that organizations build and deploy software, greatly expanding the scale and speed of getting products out the door to users. However, like plenty of other advances in how we manage our software, security has far too often come as a later addition and not as our first priority. Implementing secure configuration practices can be a challenge for teams who may not be experienced security experts, and many of the methods and tools may be difficult to integrate for products that have already been deployed.

Solvo’s easy integration helps to ensure that all best practices are followed, enforcing policies and making it easy to go back and fix pre-existing configurations that might need a bit of a tune up to bring them up to standards. Once integrated into your cloud infrastructure, we analyze all of your assets in the cloud and flag them for review. The one-click autocorrect makes reconfiguring your security settings an easy lift, reducing the need for expertise in cloud security and the time normally needed for ensuring secure deployment of your assets.

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