I need to know where my security stands today. Yesterday. What are my risks going to be tomorrow?

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It’s downright difficult to protect what you don’t know you have. Securing your organization starts with having a comprehensive understanding of which assets you have, how you’re using them, and to what degree those assets — especially your crown jewels —are being protected.

In the highly distributed cloud environment that has fast become the norm for most organizations, getting a basic footing for assessing your current risk posture let alone your future threats is much easier said than done.

Solvo works with CISOs to help establish real visibility over a wide range of potential cloud misconfiguration risks facing their organizations. We give CISOs the ability to set policies that meet Least Privilege principles and automate their enforcement. These guardrails ensure that everyone follows policies that reduce your threat surface to exploitations, every single time.

Solvo simplifies compliance reporting with automated tools that make it easy to keep stakeholders and regulators in the loop.

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