A map worth a thousand JSON lines​

With IAMagnifier, understanding IAM is as easy as asking questions and getting answers on an interactive map.

From IAM Confused to IAM Awesome

Who has access to my sensitive S3 bucket? Who can create new IAM users in our account? Who can read data off of my DynamoDB?

If you have a lot of time and even more motivation, you can check line by line in IAM. Or, you can ask IAMagnifier and see all your users, assets, services, and policies on a map. All issues in your security policy are highlighted so you don’t have to dig to find holes.

Ask, Analyze, Understand, Fix.

Helping security pros own security

Developers technically can tackle IAM but they don't have time. Security engineers do care but they can't keep track of every developer in the team and the code he or she wrote.

IAMagnifier makes permissions visual and transparent, giving security and DevOps pros the independence they deserve.

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