No one likes spending millions of dollars in fines, settlements, or “bug bounties”.

With Data Posture Manager, understand, fix, and prevent leakage and breaches - saving you time and money.

Know who has access to duplicate, leak, encrypt or corrupt your data - and stop it before they can!

All cloud users store sensitive data in the cloud, but the question you should ask yourself is not if you stored it, but how you stored it, and what is the risk. Data Posture Manager will answer all these questions and provide a clear and actionable graph to help you fix the issue. Your data resources will be presented and prioritized by the sensitivity of their content and the severity of the findings, reducing risks of exposure and leakage.

Stored in the cloud, protected by Solvo.

Helping security pros own security

Developers technically can tackle IAM but they don't have time. Security engineers do care but they can't keep track of every developer in the team and the code he or she wrote.

IAMagnifier makes permissions visual and transparent, giving security and DevOps pros the independence they deserve.

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