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Working together to help cloud-native organizations to discover, monitor and remediate cloud misconfiguration, automatically.

About Solvo

Solvo created the first of its kind platform that enables digital adoption and acceleration in the cloud. We want security teams to have the control they need and the insights they want for their data, security posture, and risk management.

Solvo enables developers and DevOps to deliver a cloud product with a least-privileged security configuration, while knowing where their sensitive data is and guaranteeing restricted access, all the way from dev to production.

Solvo DLP

All cloud users store sensitive data in the cloud, the question you should ask yourself is not if you stored it, but how did you store it, and what is the risk? Solvo DLP (SDLP) will answer these questions and will provide you with a clear and actionable graph to help you fix the issue. 

The SDLP presents your data resources prioritized by the sensitivity of their content and severity of the findings.  This way, reducing risks of exposure and leakage is an easy task.  


Who has access to my sensitive S3 bucket? Who can create new IAM users in our account? Who can read data off of my DynamoDB?

If you have a lot of time and even more motivation, you can check line by line in IAM. Or, you can ask IAMagnifier and see all your users, assets, services, and policies on a map. 

Policy Manager

It’s hard to ensure that you are securing all of your assets the way they should be. Misconfigurations in your cloud infrastructure can expose your cloud workloads to risks from the earliest stages all the way through production. Balancing productivity with security is never easy, but with better visibility and automated tools, you no longer have to compromise for one over the other.

Compliance Manager

The people who told you to comply with some standards have no idea about security posture management. You do but you have a hard time understanding the acronyms, let alone what they entail. Compliance is boring and stressful but it’s substantial for your infrastructure security and your company’s presence on the market. With Solvo, you don’t have to freak out about the upcoming audit because you know you’re compliant 24/7.

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